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International association for motorway assessment and driver development INC – (IAMADD) is specialized in translating domestic driving license of any country into 29 languages, and producing an international driving document in compliance with UN standards for document size, color, format, etc.


Choosing IAMADD you get:

Ability to drive all across the globe
Using your driver license translation as we translate domestic driver license to 29 languages according to the UN convention
Quick and easy order
You fill a simple form and get your driver license translation fast
You can use online at any time
To show the driver's license, even online with our web services
World-class interpreters
Translate your driving license and specific all the information from your application and other obtained information, according to all the national language peculiarities and foreign official requirements
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What is the International Drivers License?
International Driver’s License is a document that enable you to travel globally easily and confidently. Though, it is supplementary and should not be used instead of your valid country’s driving license. It consists of a plastic ID card and a passport size booklet with the translation into 29 languages

What is IAMADD?
International association for motorway assessment and driver development INC (IAMADD) is an organization located in the UK that translates national driving licenses into 29 world languages and provide you with an International Driving License consistent with UN requirements for the size, format and color of the document.

How to get international driving license online?
All you need is to provide the following:
•    A photo of your valid national driving license;
•    Relevant driver information;
•    A recent passport-size photograph;
•    Your signature (scanned copy or a photograph);
•    Payment for your International Driver's License application.
What driving class should I specify?
The classes specified should accord with those on your driving license.

Can I replace my national driving license with the International Driving License?
International Driving License cannot replace your national driving license. This is a document which only serves as your driver license translation. You must have your national driving license while driving a car overseas as per requirement of the UN Convention.

How can I use my International Driving License?
Visualize a situation while staying abroad, your driving license is not considered legal due to non-compliance. It may ruin your trip. However, if you decide to get the International Driving License (IDL). it will help you to save time, money and stresses.

One of the outstanding benefits of IDP is that it allows you to rent a car all over the world. Yet, in case the police stop you, do not worry and show your International Driving License and a language translation upon immediate request.
Policemen may also ask you to show your valid home driver’s license. Furthermore, you can use such card as proof of age for purchase of age-limited products such as tobacco and alcohol. Or using this card as a proof of identity for general public transport in most countries. 

IMADD has a secure database containing information about all international license ever issued. A standard smart phone can help you to scan the QR code on each card to find out validity, status and any other information concerning International Driving License no matter if you are online or offline. The data are available in 29 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Mongolian, Uzbek, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Turkish, Persian, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog and French.

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