What is IDL?

Your domestic driving license translation to any language is an International Driving License (IDL). The IDL is made in compliance with UN standards for document size, color, format, etc.

You get:

Translation book

Translation booklet

Your driver license is translated into 29 languages
Your IDL

Your IDL

An International Driving License card with 3 layers of security
Traveling anywhere

Traveling anywhere

Rent a vehicle and drive it using the IDL and your driving license.
Professional interpreters

World-class interpreters

Translate your driving license and display all the information from your application and other obtained information, according to all the national language peculiarities and foreign official requirements.


The International Driving License (IDL) is only a translation of a driver’s license and not a regular driver’s license. Without a currently valid driver’s license the International Driving Document (IDD) is not a useful or valid document to present to any authority.

How to get your IDL

Simply and quickly
To get the International Driving License (IDL), you should apply and then fill out the form for which you need to give us:
  • 1 A photo of your valid domestic driving license
  • 2 Your personal data
  • 3 A photo of yourself
  • 4 Your signature (scan or photo of it)

Our services will not cost you a fortune.

Get an International Driving Permit (IDP) now and travel easily.


How to use your IDL

As long as there are many countries that speak different languages, you may find that you are not allowed to drive a car abroad even if you can drive in your country. This can be caused by misunderstanding a foreign document or the requirements of the driving license forms, which differ in different countries. The International Driving License (IDL) is intended to overcome the difficulties you might have while driving a vehicle in another country.

Being a tourist anywhere in the world, you can rent a vehicle and drive a car taking the International Driving License (IDL) and your original valid driving license to ease the language barrier of your original license to local authorities. Show your International Driving License (IDL) and a translation book on request if you're stopped by the police while driving abroad. You should also show your valid domestic driving license to the police upon request.

Every International Driving License (IDL) issued by IMADD is stored in our secured database and can easily be accessed by scanning the QR code on each card using our mobile app, with which you can check validity, status and information online or offline in 29 different languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Mongolian, Uzbek, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Turkish, Persian, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog and French.

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